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    What Our Customer’s Are Saying

    Ray did a terrific job not only documenting issues during our walkthrough, but also explaining things to me in context of how urgent things were to fix, how easily they could be fixed, and the order in which we should get them fixed if they were interrelated but separate trades. With a background in construction, Ray was able to warn us about potential triggers for upgrades in future renovations. He explained our heating system, including how to change the filters, and answered other questions I had about the house. Scheduling was prompt and easy, and turnaround on the report was fast as well. On top of everything, Ray was just a nice guy to hang out with for a couple hours!

    — Jennifer S.

    We cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Jackson. Brian Jackson performed two different home inspections for me and was on call for a third home that did not pan out.

    At both inspections, Mr. Jackson took more than three hours to complete the home inspection. He was thorough. He encouraged us to tag along and explained things in detail as he found issues. We felt confident that he had caught almost all or all of the issues present in the home. Mr. Jackson returned his report to us the same day as the inspection both times.

    Additionally, his report was detailed, with a picture of each problem he found. He also rated each problem as a safety issue, aesthetics issue, etc. This rating helped the homeowner see that they needed to make certain repairs, which they did without question. I attribute some of their receptiveness to the thorough nature of Mr. Jackson’s report.

    Mr. Jackson was available via phone and text whenever we had scheduling issues or questions. His responses were prompt and helpful.

    At the end of both inspections, we felt Mr. Jackson didn’t charge us enough for the quality of the service he provided. We actually paid him more than his price because we thought that was only fair.

    Finally, Mr. Jackson was a super cool guy to chat with for 3-4 hours. Being new to the area, I will definitely be inviting him and his wife over for dinner once we have our dining room table and some chairs! I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Jackson or his services.

    — H.B.

    I had the absolute pleasure of working with Chris at Jackson Home Inspection. He is an extremely knowledgeable professional that instantly put me at ease. I’m so lucky to have had him involved in the prospective property. Best $ I’ve spent throughout the home buying process!

    — Eric L.