Speaking Engagements

We offer interesting and informative seminars for First Time Buyers, Home Sellers, Real Estate Professionals, and Lending Institutions.

JHI has been an invited speaker to over 300 Real Estate Seminars; we have helped educate and lessen the uncertainties of thousands of buyers, sellers and real estate professionals in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

We can tailor our seminars to any group or virtually any subject related to Home Inspections. Our Seminars can be from one half hour to four hours depending on your needs and the subject matter.

Some of the many subjects we cover include:

  • First Time Buyers – What to look for, what questions to ask when looking at a home, the differences in a condominium or new construction inspection. Why you should deal with licensed professionals. What to watch out for on FSBO’s. The 5 most important components to your home.
  • Home Sellers – What you should disclose. Why you should absolutely not be present at the home inspection. What simple inexpensive repairs make sense. What expensive repairs can be a waste of time and money?
  • Real Estate Professionals – Increase your knowledge of building construction and its components. Understanding different types of heating systems, plumbing and electrical components. Distinguishing different types of building material. Tricks on finding a potential buried oil tank.
  • Environmental Issues – Mold, Asbestos, Lead Paint and other buyer/seller fears.

Let Jackson Home Inspection’s 30 Years experience in construction and our 1,000’s of home inspections benefit you and your group.

Our seminars are at no charge to non-profit groups. Please contact our office with your questions and needs.