I am a first-time buyer who is unfamiliar with the Home Inspection process, and I am a nervous wreck can you guide me?

Absolutely! About 50% of our clients are purchasing their first home. The office staff will ask you a few questions about the property like the approximate age and size and walk you through the procedure. We will get you booked for a convenient time for all parties and explain our simple fee structure.

Isn’t a Home Inspection boring, technical and kind of like going to the dentist?

At Jackson Home Inspection we try to keep the inspection informative, interesting, and just a touch of fun, certainly more fun than the dentist!

So why should I use Jackson for my inspection when there are plenty of other home inspectors to choose from? What makes you so smart?

We only employ inspectors who are, or have been, carpenters and builders in addition to being licensed home inspectors. You are essentially getting the best of both worlds. You will be dealing with inspectors who have renovated kitchens, bathrooms, basements and built decks. We have also torn down walls and ceilings, dug holes, filled dumpsters, and swept the floors. All our inspectors have been in the trenches and have experienced our fair share of plaster and saw dust. “We get It – we’ve lived it.”

How soon can I get an inspection. Can I get an inspection the same day?

Our office is staffed 8am to 7pm. We can usually book your home inspection in just a few days, sometimes the next day depending on the market and time of year. We staff the phones all day as well as weekends. A last-minute inspection is not uncommon for us. If we have an inspector available, we’re glad to help at the last minute, no extra charges.

Will my inspector explain the home to me and give me some maintenance tips as we go through the property. Can I walk around with the inspector and ask questions?

Absolutely, our inspectors are extremely knowledgeable, informative, and engaging. We encourage you to ask questions and take part during the inspection. Do not be bashful; you’re making the largest purchase of your life and you’re in unfamiliar territory. A JHI home inspection is a great opportunity to gain insightful knowledge of your new home.

What does a Home Inspection cost?

You will find the fees in Massachusetts and Southern NH to be generally competitive. Our office staff will explain the fees in relationship to the size/details of the property you are purchasing. There are no surprise fees at the inspection.

Do you inspect condominiums?

Yes. Condominiums and townhomes are about 30% of our business. It’s irrelevant to us if it is in a converted 2 family or a 200-unit complex.

Does it make any difference if I am purchasing an older or antique home like from the 1800’s?

A little bit. Much of the housing stock in New England was built before 1920 with little or no building code or standards. Some of these homes were built by farmers and fisherman. We know what to look for in these older homes. Think about this, Abraham Lincoln was likely president when some of these homes were built.

Can I bring along supportive friend or family member on the inspection?

No problem. You can bring a supportive family member, friend, or contractors. Keep it small so everyone stays focused.

How long has Jackson Home Inspection been around?

Only about 35 years! We have a strong client base who have used our services through their changing lifestyles: First homes, 2nd homes and their retirement condominiums, not to mention all of their children, family, and friends.

Is Jackson Home Inspection a big company or national franchise.

No way. We are basically a small business with a family atmosphere! We have staff who have been with us for over 20 years. What company can say that?

Do I need to have a new property, or a “Flip” renovation inspected. Didn’t the local town inspectors do that for me?

Always have a new property or renovation inspected! We have inspected new homes that are stunning and virtually perfect with just a few punch list items left to do, we have inspected other homes that look like the guys built them with their eyes closed. You never know what we are going to find. The town building officials do a very cursory inspection of the property. They do not fire up the heating systems, check windows and doors and go room to room in a disciplined fashion as we do. Most town inspectors are overworked, understaffed and they can have 100 files on their desk that they need to get through.

ray jackson home inspector

All of our inspectors are licensed home inspectors and have construction backgrounds. If you would like to obtain additional information or schedule a home inspection with us, please contact us via email or telephone to discuss.

— Ray Jackson

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